One-on-One Group

I got asked from several people if we could just hold one or two group sessions per week to train our One-on-One skills with each and I think that is an excellent idea. So I set-up this very simple calendar.

What are we doing in these sessions?
We practice in groups of three: Employee/client, leader, observer. Everybody will play each role while one iteration takes 20 min (10 min practice, 10 min feedback), so that’s why we usually meet for one hour (and a small recap at the end). I usually prepare role cards for all three roles so that everybody has a clear task.

What does it cost?
Nothing! We all meet to learn from each other and everybody is here to have fun.

How do I participate and how do we meet?
Below you will find a calendar. Just select one of the appointments and add your name and email adress. It helps me to prepare the session a little if I know how many people participate.
I will provide a Zoom link via mail 30 min before the session begins where we meet and then split into smaller groups.